Prices will vary according to location , affected area size and the amount of moles expected to be trapped.

I will always offer you the most cost effective mole clearance package i can. All quotes are no obligation and i will not charge you if i cannot catch a mole.

Residential properties are charged an initial call out fee which includes 1 mole and then a fee for each additional mole caught, this fee is only paid once i have completed the job and caught the mole or moles, so you have the peace of mind in knowing that if i cannot catch the mole then you don't have to pay a penny ! I would normally expect the average residential garden to be clear within a week. If a mole hill should reappear within 10 days of my final visit then there will be no further call out fee charged just the standard per mole price for each additional mole trapped. On the rare occasion that i cannot trap a mole then no fee will be charged (sometimes they will just abandon their tunnels ).


Commercial and agricultural properties are usually priced on a per mole fee or i can also offer an hourly / daily fee or even a per field fee.

Call me now for a free no obligation quote.


Please note that should any of my mole traps go missing whilst mole trapping on your property then there will be a £10 fee per trap (except in cases of animal disturbance , i can tell the difference between and fox / badger taking a mole and trap and a human). 

Mole trapping pest control service offered in baschurch , ryton, bomere heath, wem , shrewsbury , ellesmere , myddle, wem and throughout the north shropshire area.