How many moles are in my garden ?

It can be difficult to accurately say how many moles will be trapped , sometimes a garden full of mole hills will produce just one mole and other times just a few mole hills can produce several moles. It is important to call in a mole catcher as soon as possible as the sooner i am called then the smaller the network of tunnels will be, meaning that removing the mole will be quicker and it will also minimise the damage to your lawn or property.

Will a mole come back ?

This is probably the most commonly asked question, moles are very territorial and will not share tunnel networks except during the breeding season. They will however share main runways / routes . Moles will also re occupy a tunnel system once a mole has been removed particularly if the area is a good feeding ground . If your lawn is adjacent to farmland, woodland, common land or scrub and no mole control takes place there to keep the mole population under check, the chances of another mole visiting your garden are much higher. However putting a timescale on this is very difficult and will depend on other factors included the scale of a mole infestation outside of the property. It could take years before you see any mole activity on your property , or much less time if you are unfortunate  enough to have a main run passing through your garden. 

Can my children and pets still use the garden ?

Children and pets can still use the garden whilst trapping is taking place, however children should be advised not to interfere with the traps. Dogs are usually fine however should a dog show an interest in digging up the traps then it would be advisable to restrict access whilst mole trapping is taking place.

How long will it take to catch all the moles ?

Most small gardens can be cleared of the problem mole within 2 visits spread over 3 to 4 days, however should you have a main run passing through your property then moles may be trapped daily for up to week before activity stops.