I am a traditional mole catcher / trapper offering a mole trapping service based in the Shrewsbury and North Shropshire area, however i am always willing to travel further afield if needed (fuel costs may be added to quotation).

I only trap moles using traditional methods that i have learnt over many years, no chemicals, gases or poisons are used. I offer an effective and discreet mole control service that will clear your garden lawn or property in as quick a time as possible. No call out charge and you only pay when i have completed the job !

I only trap moles , not like many other pest control companies who do a bit of everything. i specialize in catching moles and therefore my success rate is very high , in most cases i will catch a mole from a garden within 24 hours .

I offer no obligation quotes and a No Mole No Fee service.

Mole infestations on agricultural land can quickly escalate , with each mole hill covering approx 1 square foot of grass valuable grazing land can be lost at an alarming rate. On fields used for silage the hills can damage machinery as well as contaminate the silage with soil which can carry listeria . Once the problem is under control i can offer a regular low cost maintenance option where monthly checks can be carried out and any signs of new mole activity can be quickly eradicated.

Public liability insurance of £1 million

All traps are checked on a regular basis in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006. The methods and traps that i use ensure that i only catch moles and no other animals are affected whilst i am trapping moles. I will only use traps that are of the highest quality, and that will dispatch the mole in a humane manner and wherever possible are British made.

Many people ask me if moles can be live trapped, unfortunately live trapping is not a suitable option when it comes to the removal of moles, the fact that they need to consume between 60% and 75% of it's own body weight in worms , grubs etc every day in order to survive would result in a great amount of stress and most likely death of the mole, as it would be unable to eat whilst trapped.

In most cases whilst trapping is taking place your children and pets can continue to use the garden whilst mole control is taking place.

On agricultural properties it may not always be possible to trap whilst cattle or horses are in the field.

Areas covered in which i operate as a mole trapper include.

Baschurch, Shrewsbury, Wem, Bomere Heath, Grinshill, Clive, Ellesmere, Hadnall, Ruyton xii towns, Wellington, Roden , Edgmond , Newoprt ,Telford, Oswestry, Shropshire .