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As a pest controller we are allowed to continue working throughout lockdown. All visits are socially distanced and therefore covid safe

Lockdown moles

Posted 183 weeks ago

New year

Back at it after a short festive break .

Busy catching moles in Shrewsbury , Whitchurch and Oswestry.

Lots of moles moving again after the recent cold snap , causing damage to lawns and gardens

Posted 183 weeks ago
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Posted 195 weeks ago

Winter mole

That time of year again . Already started on agricultural land and seeing the results of last year’s trapping . Much reduced numbers resulting in damage free fields and reclaimed grazing . Contact now to secure your visit .

Posted 195 weeks ago

Moles Shrewsbury

Really busy at the moment on domestic call outs .

Lots of mole activity in lawns and flower beds .

Covering Shrewsbury Oswestry and telford

Posted 207 weeks ago

Mole catch

The rain last week has really got those moles moving now , lots of moles in gardens and driveways .

Mole catcher covering Shrewsbury Whitchurch Oswestry and telford

Posted 211 weeks ago

Mole in garden

The prolonged dry weather has sent most moles back into the hegerows and ditches . Most jobs coming in now are for moles in allotments , veg patches and watered lawns . As soon as the rain comes then the moles will be very active again .

Posted 214 weeks ago

Mole in lawn

Very busy at the moment with domestic jobs . Lots of people suffering from damage to their lawns caused by moles. The dry spell followed by a bit of rain has really got them moving .

Covering shropshire Shrewsbury Ellesmere Whitchurch Oswestry

Posted 218 weeks ago

Mole catcher

We are still available to remove moles from gardens fields allotments and paddocks . No need for any close contact so unaffected by coronavirus at present .

Catching moles in , Shrewsbury , wem , telford , Shropshire

Posted 223 weeks ago


We are still just about operational , obviously no contact and any invoices will be sent electronically.

Stay safe everyone

Posted 223 weeks ago