mole patrol shropshire

Shrewsbury mole catcher

Few slots available over the next few weeks .

Mole control in Shropshire Shrewsbury oswestry

Posted 67 weeks ago


Back on the farms , lots of mole activity in the fields - should be a busy winter again .

Book now for mole clearance in Shropshire , low cost and efficient service .

Posted 79 weeks ago


Its the time of year for clearing farmland again . call now to book in .

Posted 83 weeks ago

Lots of young moles moving into new territory over the last few weeks . really busy period with lots of call outs to domestic garden lawns suffering from extensive mole damage .

Posted 87 weeks ago


Today I will be clearing up the last few moles from farms in market Drayton , oswestry and Shrewsbury . very busy at the moment

Posted 108 weeks ago

Shrewsbury farm moles

Busy few weeks squeezing the last few farms in , removing moles from this year’s silage fields . hearing up now to a busy summer on the domestic side . offering a cost effective service in Shrewsbury market Drayton whitchurch telford and oswestry

Posted 110 weeks ago

Home and garden

keep an eye out for our advert that is about to go out in “ home and garden ” magazine 60000 copies going out !

Posted 113 weeks ago

Home and garden

Posted 113 weeks ago

Mole seasons

Reaching the end of the farm season , still time to squeeze a couple more in before the grass grows too much . looking forward to a busy summer on the domestic jobs in shropshire

Posted 114 weeks ago
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Posted 117 weeks ago